Drive test

We carryout Drive tests for GSM, CDMA LX,OFDMA and EVDO networks for various operators through Ericsson, Samsung (LTE) & Huawei across India.SS

Benchmarking Services

Today's extremely competitive wireless marketplace is experiencing how Smartphone growth and new network generations are driving an increasingly complex mobile broadband services ecosystem. A key competitive lead for any operator is to have an intense understanding of how the end-user perceives their Quality of Experience (QoE), which greatly impacts their overall satisfaction.

GENX Solution Benchmarking Services provides this QoE insight to wireless carriers by delivering business intelligence to maximize customer satisfaction to reduce churn, increase ARPU and increase ROI of CapEx and OpEx.

Our predominant delivery model is the Managed Service approach with a full turnkey service covering from data collection (drive testing, indoor, pedestrian, etc), data integrity management, measurement system management, post-processing and reporting for both, Executive and Technical Levels.

Radio Network Optimization Services

RF Optimization Services known to deliver for its quality, whether a small scale project or an End-to-End solution, our Network Optimization Service guarantees a thorough optimization of the network and an improvement of network performance within the customer defined constraints. We determine areas for improvement and specify the required input data - measurements, network configuration data and other data about the technology used in the network, and then we analyze the data and determine the changes needed to optimize the network performance.

Radio Network Audit

Genx Solution provides network audit services to its clients, which are telecom service providers or telecom vendors to have a complete knowledge about the implemented systems in the field. This could be site audit, where checks could be made on the antenna height, antenna type, azimuths, tilt, transmit frequency etc. which broadly fall under the hardware network audit. Under the software / Radio quality network Audit, we take tasks like drive test to identify black spots in coverage, quality. Frequency plan analysis where we check the carrier to interference ratio and the critical areas/regions with high interference resulting in bad voice quality, Cell/BSC/RNC parameter analysis where we check in-correct parameters values if affects any degradation of KPIs(key Performance indicator)