Radio network services comprises of radio network dimensioning, planning of the coverage, capacity, frequency allocation and interference analysis. Moreover it includes detailed planning, which concentrate on parameter planning with necessary field measurement.

As a part of Network Planning we offer following services

» Cell site's Nominal planning to meet the desire objective of sites.
» Cell Site Survey for Coverage (Dense, Highway, Rural, Railway, etc.), Capacity (Macro, Micro and Pico Cell) and In building coverage/capacity requirement.
» Cell site radio parameter database preparation and audit .
» Network Drive testing Voice & Data and Post processing .
» Network Optimization based on KPI statistic and field testing .
» Existing RF coverage Audit and identification of weak spots in compare with competitors.
» Existing BSS Capacity Audit and identification of congested cells and area and provide most effective solution to manage traffic loading.
» BSS Network Dimensioning & Audit .
» Business Model Analysis based on Benchmarking drive test and proposes detail network expansion for coverage, capacity & quality to stay ahead in competitive market.