The idea of managed services includes a broad portfolio of dynamic heterogeneous Telecom & Management capabilities;

Our services are designed to work together with other delivery partners, platforms, services, and their computing resources. We install, commission, optimize and manage the network. Our managed services helps Operators and vendors a return on investment by outsourcing certain or entire portions of their knowledge department to us. We help them realize these benefits while they concentrate on managing ever growing telecom market as also maintain flexibility, choice and control.

ITS provides services to: Reduce operating costs, Improve service levels, Security, Extend capabilities without extra staff, Manage change with agility and excellence and Align technology with business strategy.

Operators and vendors also get an added advantage of our expertise built on a strong foundation.

Our main focus is delivering in time QUALITY work.Surveys for 4g Upgradation We are currently working for a large number of operators and OEM vendors including IKYA and Idea for the survey of the new sites of 3G & 4G upgradation.